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Voice lessons

"It's evident that in Susanna's case, we're not dealing with a believer in how things are done but rather with an experimenter and practitioner! This is valuable!"

Thank you for your interest in voice lessons! Let me introduce my background. 
I started singing seriously when I was 17 but unfortunately at the time, there was no great pop-jazz tuition in my country. I was mainly self taught, trying to copy singers I loved. I couldn't find true vocal freedom, and my head voice was weak!
I started lessons with Doctor Aija Puurtinen in Sibelius Academy, and dove into the world of voice technique. I passed vocal pedagogy courses by Aija Puurtinen, took an Estill Voice Training Level 1 and 2 course by Helga Westmark, did a minor in music theatre where I studied with Hanna Hurskainen and MzLyndia Johnson (Los Angeles). Finally, I wrote my final paper about voice technique in jazz. 

I don't follow one particular method for teaching voice technique, although I do use some tricks that I got form Estill. Rather, I love to look at the person as an individual, and help them find freedom, learn about tools that they can use, and more important than anything, healthy singing. 
Besides technique, I also love to work on expression, interpretation, phrasing, and be a second year to compositions and lyrics. I love to help singers out at the studio. I hold lessons in person in Tallinn, sometimes Helsinki or elsewhere while I'm travelling. Zoom is always a possibility! If you're interested in a private lesson or a master class, please get in touch! 

I have created my own program SingAbility, designed for singers aiming to expand their vocal capabilities and artistic expression, as well as knowledge about how the voice works. The course combines the
ory with practice. The duration and the level of the course can be modified according to the target audience. If you would like more info, please get in touch! 

"Very nice, refreshing, and enlightening course for both singers and voice teachers. The course instructor is empathetic, with a good sense of humor, and inspiring. The atmosphere is great. "

Currently, I teach privately, and at the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy. I also travel  around Europe to give master classes. I have taught at the Global Music Foundation Tuscany Jazz in Italy, and the Sibelius Academy Jazz Summer School in Finland.  

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