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"As a singer, she knows how to sound intimate and seductive without having to trowel on the 'sexy' stuff; she just sounds natural, able to interpret and ride the climaxes and spaces of the music with ease…" Kevin Whitlock, Jazzwise

Singer, songwriter, and lyricist Susanna Aleksandra is celebrated for her vocal versatility and expressive storytelling. Her voice effortlessly shifts from a warm, round sound to emotionally charged belting, captivating listeners and keeping them engaged. While rooted and trained in jazz, she is a dynamic artist capable of spanning multiple genres, highlighting her adaptability and breadth as a solo performer.


Susanna released her debut album, "Miracles," consisting of her compositions in 2015. Her second album, "Souls of the Night," featuring some of the best Northern European Jazz Musicians, including Steinway artist and pianist Joonas Haavisto, was released in Japan in March 2020 (Blue Gleam). The international version of the album was released as "The Siren" in January 2021 (Eclipse Music). The album received critical acclaim for Susanna's vocals, the band's musicianship, and lyrical and instrumental compositions. It was nominated as Jazz Album of the Year in the Estonian Music Awards and selected as one of the best albums of 2021 by Jazzwise magazine.

Speaking of the writing, at this point it’s worth noting that one of the most enduring aspects of this album is the songwriting. Lyrically Aleksandra shows poetic depth and the ability to wrap this in intriguing melodies that often defy the limitation of structure.

Andrew Mead, Jazz in Europe

Susanna did her Bachelor's and Master's in Jazz Performance at the prestigious Sibelius Academy in Finland, where she studied with Professor Jukkis Uotila and Doctor Aija Puurtinen. In 2020, she received a scholarship to USC Thornton School of Music, where she studied with the two-time Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Sara Gazarek, Grammy-winner Bob Mintzer, and vocal coach MzLyndia Johnson. Susanna's other passion besides music is languages. She has a French and literature degree and is fluent in 6 languages. 


Susanna Aleksandra tours all around Europe. Some of the performances in recent years include the Jazz Finland tour, Turku Jazz Festival, Imatra Big Band Festival, Yllas Jazz & Blues Festival, Koli Jazz Festival, Porvoo Jazz Festival, Ancona Jazz Festival (Italy), Jazz & Image Festival (Italy), GMF Tuscany Jazz (Italy), Sõru Jazz Festival (Estonia), European Jazz Network (Estonia), Brno Music Marathon (Czech Republic), Musicas Creativas (Gran Canaria, Spain), Auditorio de Tenerife (Tenerife, Spain), Kunstfabrik Schlot (Berlin), Blue Note Café (Strasbourg), Jazzycolors (Paris), Art Base (Brussels).

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Susanna Aleksandra is deeply committed to sharing her expertise in vocal techniques. As a passionate educator, she adeptly bridges theory and practice, providing insights into the mechanics and artistry of the voice. Susanna teaches voice at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and offers private lessons, group sessions, and master classes designed to enhance vocal skills and performance. Her unique program, 'Singability,' is tailored to cater to a range of singers, from professionals and voice teachers to enthusiastic hobbyists. For more information on her teaching offerings and to explore the possibility of inviting Susanna for a master class, please click on "lessons."


JAZZWISE 4 star review

"Smooth, effortless and accessible without ever being bland, The Siren is a mainstream jazz album to treasure, with Aleksandra a real talent to watch. You'll be happy to fall under The Siren's spell."

"She's one of those singers who, at her best, inhabits a song rather than just sings it...."

Kevin Whitlock

Susanna Aleksandra_Jazzwise


“ It’s not often that I’m so charmed by an album however, for this writer, ‘The Siren’ did exactly that and I can say that it spent a number of days on repeat in my now antiquated CD player."

“This album is a keeper and based on this I can only imagine we will be hearing a great deal more from Susanna Aleksandra in the future.”

Andrew Mead

Susanna Aleksandra_JazzinEurope


"With a level of Castilian that anybody would want to speak,  harvested 17 years ago on a study trip, she shared details of her career, her life related to music and her various stories while she amazed us with her spectacular voice. With a warm and sweet vocal texture, she also managed to captivate us with an extraordinary scat  -which she used in almost all the songs-, among other luxurious musical "tricks".

Héctor Martín González 

Susanna Aleksandra_AuditorioTenerife


“Through lyrical complexity and her natural elegant charm, Aleksandra takes you on a journey full of positivity and reflective thinking.”

Sofie Prior



“This album has the potential to be a hit in its category. It is worth reaching for this album to see how to enjoy music, how to sing, how to show joy, translated into notes and stanzas.” 

Jacek Brun


"Elegant songs with timeless messages."

Rainer Ortag

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