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SingAbility PRO Mastermind

SingAbility PRO Mastermind Group is tailored for professional singers, including actors and voice teachers. As dedicated professionals, we often prioritize our students and audiences, leaving little time for personal growth. This group is your opportunity to focus on your craft.


Group Focus:

  • Practice-Centric: Emphasis on practical aspects of singing, booking performances, and managing daily tasks as a singer.

  • Goal Setting: Define your personal goal for the next eight meetings.

  • Supportive Environment: Engage in voice exercises, perform chosen songs, and benefit from peer support and learning.

Meeting Format:

  • Duration: 8 sessions

  • Location: Live meetings in Tallinn, Estonia

  • Online Option: Available upon request; indicate your preference in the form below.

Enrollment: Register your interest for FALL 2024, and specify your preference for online or in-person meetings.


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