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SingAbility courses and master classes

Here, you can find information about the upcoming SingAbility courses and master classes! 

The SingAbility course is designed for singers aiming to expand their vocal capabilities and artistic expression.

What you'll get from SingAbility:

Theory Meets Practice:

The first part of the masterclass combines insightful theory with practical exercises. We'll cover the leading causes of vocal tension and how to avoid them, delve into vocal registration, and practice exercises to unify your voice and expand your vocal agility.

Performance Opportunity:

In the second part of the masterclass, you'll have the chance to perform a song from the pop-jazz genre. Each participant will get 10-20 minutes of individual time, depending on the length of the lesson and the number of participants.

Tailored Learning:

We can explore storytelling techniques, rhythm, phrasing, and improvisation depending on the group's interests. Join the SingAbility course for a friendly, informative experience that will help you bring out the best in your singing. Let's explore the possibilities of your voice together!

Why is learning in a group beneficial?


It’s a fantastic opportunity to maximize your learning! Observing how the teacher works with other singers helps you connect the dots between problems and their solutions. Furthermore, being part of a supportive group environment allows singers to recognize that we all share challenges and difficulties and that no one is alone in their experiences.


Something for Everyone

I've created various course formats so everyone can find something that suits them.

SingAbility PRO is a course aimed primarily at professional singers and voice teachers. It focuses on integrating theoretical knowledge and practice, both as a singer and as a teacher, helping to systematize knowledge about singing. The course can be taken over a period of 8 meetings or as an intensive (2 days). 

PRO Mastermind group is aimed at professional singers, voice teachers, and singing actors who want to continue developing and step back into students' shoes. As teachers, we often focus on others, and our own practice can be neglected. The goal is to support each other, present challenges, and find a reason to practice again!

Young Professionals is aimed at singers aged 15-19 who have experience in singing but want to take it to the next level.

SingAbility Jazz is aimed at singers interested in jazz music. The events are primarily for jazz music enthusiasts, singers who would like to start singing jazz music, and young jazz musicians.

Private lessons allow us to focus on you entirely!

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